Hajj & Umrah

Preset & Custom Packages

Frontline Travel & Tours has been providing high quality Hajj and Umrah services over the years. We strive to ensure that travel and accommodation for you and your loved ones are to your complete satisfaction. We aim to satisfy all your needs and requirements to ensure that you have the most memorable and once in a lifetime spiritual journey. Please contact us as soon as possible for the best possible deals.


Hajj is one of the 5 pillars of Islam & must be performed at least once in a lifetime by all Muslims who are able to do so. Frontline Travel & Tours arrange Deluxe Hajj packages every year that are specially designed to ensure the amazing experience of Hajj is carried out according to the Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH), in a safe and comfortable way.

The service we provide covers the whole Hajj experience, from Visa applications (Saudi / Hajj Visa), flights to Jeddah (from all airports in London including Heathrow Airport), comfortable private transportation, 5 star hotel accommodation in Makkah and Medina, private camps in Minah, arranging Qurbani (sacrifice) guidance on performing Hajj Tamattu, right through to your flight home back to the UK.

At every step of your Hajj we aim to provide you with the best service - whatever your circumstances or needs. It is why we put so much effort in arranging the most luxurious amenities we can so your concentration can be fixed on the supplication to Allah SWT, and a rewarding and enlightening Hajj Pilgrimage. If it suits, we can also quote you some amazing deals for extension flights to visit loved ones following your Hajj - whichever country they live in. We've got some particularly good deals on trips to Dubai, Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh when combined with our Umrah Packages.

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Every year, for the entire Umrah season, Frontline Travel & Tours  offer packages for Umrah that are specifically created based upon the same formula - to provide our customers with the best level of amenities and comfort for the most reasonable price. This ensures that you can perform your Umrah with the clear mind that you have got the best value for money.

Whether you wish to perform Umrah on your own, as a couple, with family or as a group you'll find we have the right Umrah packages for you, Even if you have specific needs or budgets, Frontline Travel & Tours is still the right Hajj and Umrah travel agent for you. We tailor make Umrah packages for many satisfied pilgrims every year using only the best Hotels to ensure that there is no need to compromise.

Frontline Travel & Tours Umrah packages fit in your Umrah in Makkah, as well as stay in Medina and visit to the Prophets (PBUH) Mosque (Al-Haram) - even if you can only afford a short stay, 5 days is all you need in our shortest most convenient and affordable Umrah Package.

Why not do what so many of our customers have in the past? Combine your Umrah with Flights around the world to visit friends and family. Whilst in Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah, an additional flight to Dubai, Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan, India or Bangladesh can be cost effective. We can access the best flight deals using all the major airlines and quote you prices that you will find hard to turn down!

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